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>get over your hill and see what you find there


>i’ve been keeping an eye on mumford and sons since they released their debut LP last year.  the first time i heard ‘little lion man,’ i thought quietly to myself: this is going to be big.  i kept that song to myself and played it on repeat for a few months.  then, when ‘the cave’ started picking up pace on all the blogs, i decided that i shouldn’t keep mumford and sons a secret anymore.

anyone who has listened to ‘the cave’ or ‘little lion man’ know what i’m talking about.  mumford & sons have a sound that is so different — so pure — than anything out there right now.  it’s still my most favorite album of 2010 thus far.  i bought the vinyl to play on our record player and have the entire album on my ipod. 

it’s everywhere i want it to be.

right now, MTV has a trailer running for a new show called ‘world of jenks’ which features ‘little lion man.’  i got super excited, and it made me want to watch the show.  THEN!  during real world last night (yes — i still watch real world.  don’t judge), mumford & sons were clearly playing at one of the bars the castmates were at.  they’re everywhere…

my favorite song on the album is definitely ‘after the storm.’  for some reason, this song provides me the comfort and encouragement that i need to feel that i can do whatever i want to do.  marcus mumford sings with such sincerity and passion that you believe everything he is singing. 

think of the biggest thing you want to do with your life… the thing that you wish you took the time to accomplish but are too afraid to do… think about your wishes and dreams and who you want by your side when you take that next big step in your life…

then click play.

After the Storm by junnamatsuda


>a fair lady in london


>i have been on a uk musician kick lately, and i don’t think it’s going to quit anytime soon.  why is their music so much better over in the uk than in the united states? ugh.

anyways, eliza dolittle is a 22-year old musician from london.  she makes happy, feel-good acoustic music that’s perfect to listen to when baking cookies or sitting on the porch watching all the little birdies play in puddles.  she’s very reminiscent of kate nash.  in fact, i still play chiddy bang’s mixtape with kate nash’s ‘skeleton’ whenever i am on a road trip:

Chiddy Bang-Breakfast (feat. Kate Nash – Skeleton) by mitch white

‘missing’ definitely reminds me of 1950s ice cream parlor music.  for me in particular, my hometown has an ice cream shop that still plays old 50s music, and i think this song would fit in perfectly with their playlist.  

it was hard for me to choose between ‘rollerblades’ and ‘missing’ since both have such a happy, upbeat feel, but just to get you in the ice cream kind-of-mood, i’ll leave you with ‘missing:’

>500 days of … what?


>i think by now, many of you have seen or heard about the movie ‘500 days of summer.’  in the music blog world, the movie gained a lot of attention for its solid soundtrack which included artists like regina spektor, temper trap, feist, and of course — she & him (appropriately so since zooey is in the movie…)

apparently they forgot to put lil’ wayne on the soundtrack. 

just kidding.

or am i? decided to take the entire ‘500 days of summer’ soundtrack and mash it with lil’ wayne songs.  for some reason, i’m such a sucker for lil’ wayne.  it’s pretty crazy how a lot of his raps and beats can be mashed with so many songs.  i don’t necessarily enjoy each and every one of the songs, but the effort was totally worth it:

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