>a fair lady in london


>i have been on a uk musician kick lately, and i don’t think it’s going to quit anytime soon.  why is their music so much better over in the uk than in the united states? ugh.

anyways, eliza dolittle is a 22-year old musician from london.  she makes happy, feel-good acoustic music that’s perfect to listen to when baking cookies or sitting on the porch watching all the little birdies play in puddles.  she’s very reminiscent of kate nash.  in fact, i still play chiddy bang’s mixtape with kate nash’s ‘skeleton’ whenever i am on a road trip:

Chiddy Bang-Breakfast (feat. Kate Nash – Skeleton) by mitch white

‘missing’ definitely reminds me of 1950s ice cream parlor music.  for me in particular, my hometown has an ice cream shop that still plays old 50s music, and i think this song would fit in perfectly with their playlist.  

it was hard for me to choose between ‘rollerblades’ and ‘missing’ since both have such a happy, upbeat feel, but just to get you in the ice cream kind-of-mood, i’ll leave you with ‘missing:’


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