>so many ways to stay alive



  A few weeks ago, Bret took me to Lake Chautauqua for my birthday. The weekend was a nice vacation and break to get away and clear our heads for a few days. We didn’t really have a plan for the weekend other than to relax and enjoy one another’s company. Highlights of the weekend included: food poisoning, food poisoning recovery, wine jelly, Oscar the dog, visits to over 10 wineries, picking peaches, spontaneous drives to Fredonia, and my most favorite — driving around in pitch darkness with all the windows down listening to music while smelling grapes in the air.  It was our “Pink Moon” moment ala VW-style:

So the music.  We had the shuffle going on our iPod for quite awhile, but eventually kept going back to the same few songs over and over again.  Bret’s favorite song for the trip was Noah and the Whale’s “2 Atoms in a Molecule.”  It took me a little while to get on the Noah and the Whale boat because some of their songs are very reminiscent of songs Kermit might sing……… With that being said, leader singer Charlie Fink’s vocals are so unusual which makes me want to listen to them.  Their quirky, upbeat tunes were just what Bret and I needed to keep us going for the weekend. My favorite tune for the weekend was Bombadil’s “So Many Ways to Die” (Daytrotter version).  Yes, the title of this song sounds morbid.  However, if you listen to it, the opening of the song start with: “so many ways to die // so many ways to stay alive.”  as you listen to the rest of the song, you can listen as they tell you how to stay “alive” — to stay happy!  I love this song and it has such a good meaning for those who are tryin to “figure it out (AKA myself).


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