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This cover of “Seven Nation Army” is a nice song to listen to as summer is slowly fading away.  As I listen to it, I imagine sitting inside a jazz club (candles on every table of course) and the band begins playing this song.  Clapping shortly follows, and  everyone has a smile on their face — because who doesn’t love “Seven Nation Army?”  With a trumpet and piano?  Yes, please.

When I initially listened to it, I felt like I was listening to Cake, Maroon 5 (“Songs About Jane” era) and Amos Lee.  Ben L’Oncle is from France and his cover might not appeal to everyone.  However, one has to appreciate his attempt of turning a White Stripes song into something completely different from what it originally was intended to be.

So Kudos to your originality, Ben!  I will be playing this on repeat today.

Ben l’Oncle Soul – Seven Nation Army by TSB

For those who can’t even fathom the idea of “Seven Nation Army” being covered, here is the original video and song in all its glory:


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