>for you i’d wait



Today marks the big 5 year mark for Bret and I. Since meeting one another freshman year, we have grown older, wiser, and stronger with our relationship with each other. We also have acquired a dog (coolest. dog. ever) and an apartment.  Now, we stand side by side trying to deal with this complicated thing called “life” — but we’re doing it together.

Bret, this is my ode to you.  Songs have been a part of our relationship from the very start.  Several of our friends have many memories with us that directly relate to music whether it’s Dispatch’s “The General” or Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction.” 

Today’s playlist has songs that have memories between you and I.  These songs include most of our personal favorites during freshman year while sharing headphones and studying, napping with a song on repeat, or the playlist we listened to while going to one another’s homes for the very first time to meet the parents (ahhh!).  🙂

I love you.  And this is for you.



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