>sunny d and rum. yum yum.




I am getting back into the habit of listening to 96.1 in the morning because I love listening to the Freak Show with Mikey and Big Bob.  They played this song this morning, and I couldn’t stop laughing.  I also knew that I HAD to watch the video once I got into work. 


You can watch the original video here

Mikey and Big Bob are also obsessed with Antoine Dodson.  Everyone now knows who Antoine Dodson, and if you don’t, let me refresh your memory with the videos below.  They are having their annual “Trannies, Grannies, and…?”  Last year, it was “Trannies, Grannies, and Sean Kingston.”  The party is held on the Gateway Clipper and is a 3 hour booze cruise.  This year, it is “Grannies, Trannies and Antoine Dodson.”




Antoine Dodson is coming to Pittsburgh, folks.  If you feel like being stuck on a boat listening to “Bad Intruder” over and over again, go ahead and buy your tickets here


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