>here we go, steelers, here we go



Nutmeg thought: “Rain rain, go away.  Come again another day…”

Today is the perfect lazy Sunday… Overcast skies, rainy, slightly chilly…  

Wait.  I just described the typical day in Pittsburgh.  *buh dum cha!*

In all seriousness though, it’s the perfect day to clear my head and gather my thoughts.  Nutmeg isn’t too crazy about the rain since she wants to go out and play.  Bret just left to play some football in the rain. We have two Turkey Bowls coming up in the next few weekends that he wants to “get ready for.”  

I think he just wants to play some football.  

Speaking of football… Who’s ready to see the Steelers stomp on some Patriots?  With the Patriots losing to the Browns last week (REALLY?!), I think that they are ready to lose to the Steelers, too.  Tom Brady needs to realize that he can’t win games if continues to look like Justin Bieber with that ridiculous hair.

What a little girl.  

I’m going to go do some shopping before the game is on.

I ran across this gem of a musician yesterday.  His name is Brett Domino, and he is a 27 year old musician from England.  He is best known for his crazy cool YouTube videos, in which he plays mostly covers and medleys of popular songs on the Stylophone and keytar.  I really enjoyed the Nelly Furtado medley (which I will post below).  The Justin Timberlake medley is pretty great, too.  Really, just take the time to check out all his videos here.  They are wonderful and genius and will put a smile on your face.

Happy Sunday!


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