>boys boys boys



Backstreet Boys and NKOTB did a mash-up performance last night on the AMAs.  I didn’t watch the AMAs.  According to everyone, it was a complete flop.  However, I did watch BSB’s performance on YouTube, and I couldn’t help but remember the countless times Steph and I listened to their album along with *NSYNC’s album.  I remember Steph and I watching “Fanatic” on MTV with *NSYNC being on the show and immediately getting obsessed.  We played that album soo much… We were more *NSYNC fans instead of BSB fans.

On the way home today, Boyz II Men came up on my shuffle and Bret – being the wonderful guy that he is – actually let me listen to it.  When Steph and I shared a room growing up, I used to sing Boyz II Men’s “II” album to Steph so that she could go to sleep.

So many boys to choose… I guess I’ll have to include them all — Even 2ge+her!!!  Who would have thought that Evan Farmer on TLC was in a boy band in earlier years?  Classic. 

And now that I’ve listened to the song, I can’t get it out of my head.

So screw you, Justin Bieber and Jonas Brothers.  These guys had it all. 

Let’s flash back to those wonderful days of boy band greatness.  And don’t judge — you all know all of the lyrics, too.


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