>bretany’s xmas playlist



I called this Bretany’s Xmas Playlist because Bret and I don’t always listen to just the Christmas classics during December.  To keep things interesting and exciting, I create a playlist that combines both old Christmas classics with more non-traditional songs.  Every knows all the best Christmas songs to listent to (Burl Ives, Etta James, Bing Crosby, etc.) but there are other songs that can give you the wonderful Christmas feeling as well.

I’ve put together a playlist that includes some of my “new” favorite Christmas songs below.  A few of my favorites are:

Alec Duffy“Every Day is Christmas”

This has become my staple Christmas song.  I love how the lyrics are applicable to our current lifestyle and love the simplicity of the song as a whole.  Guys — If you need to really tell a lady you love her during this romantic time of the year… Play this song!  It’s so sweet.

Jack Johnson“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”
Everyone knows I’m a big Jack Johnson fan.  This song isn’t as new as others, but I still play it every year.  The old Rudolph song can get kind of annoying after listening to it a few times (mainly because you feel obliga.  This version, however, can be played over and over again during the Christmas season.

Sufjan Stevens “Put the Lights on the Tree”

I know I just put this song in my previous post, but it has also become one of mine and Bret’s favorite Christmas songs during the season.  It’s so catchy and always puts a smile on my face 🙂

Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson“Winter Song”
This song might sound sad, but don’t be deceived.  When I listen to this song, I think of standing outside — pitch black sky… all the snow is falling… bundled up in my best winter attire — and hearing nothing.  Did you ever notice how calm and quiet it is during the winter?  It’s one of the things I’m looking forward to the most this winter.  So yes, this is my Winter Song.

The Hotel Cafe Medley“Auld Lang Syne”
Listen to this song until January 1 rolls around.  When you play it, think about all that has happened this past year… Good and Bad.  Ups and Downs.  Think about what you want to accomplish in the year 2011.  Then, make sure you play it on New Year’s Eve.  Bret and I go skiing every New Year’s — usually alone — and make sure we play this right before we call everyone to wish them a Happy New Year.  This song makes you feel like you’re with everyone — even when you aren’t.

I also needed to include the Christmas Lights video Bret and I watch every year.  We played this so many times during Freshmen year of college… It never gets old.


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