>party like an animal playlist



Nutmeg and I went for a walk the past two days in the park.  I’m so happy that we still have a dusting of snow on everything.  It makes everything so pretty.  It’s been snowing all morning and is still absolutely gorgeous outside.
Since I love Nutmeg so much (and any animal for that matter), I’ve put together an animal playlist.  Most of these are old, but I still love to play them.  “Oto the Bear” and “Ballad of Moose Bruce” are definitely my favorites.  I included the Fantastic Mr. Fox song in there since it has been on TV (and because I loved the movie).  Yesterday, when Mr. Fox did the *whistle click click,* Nutmeg thought Bret was home… and he wasn’t.  So sad.
I also can’t stop listening to “Sheep, Sheep, Dontcha’ Know the Road?”  Ahh!  I tap my foot along to it the entire time… And sing-along with it.  And repeat over and over again.  Bret says I only like the song because of this video.  This might be true, but it’s still a good song 🙂


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