>toe tappin’ playlist



Since deer season is in full-swing here in PA, Nutmeg finally got something from Santa to wear when we go for our walks in the woods (outside of Pittsburgh) so that she won’t get mistakened for a deer.

It kind of makes her look like a superhero — which is totally ok.  We always say she’s out to fight crime, anyways.

I hope everyone took the time to enjoy the holidays.  Since I went to Bret’s house this year for Christmas, I didn’t have much access to the internet.  Once we were done there, we went skiing which meant double-dosage of no internet access…

… which means I owe you all a playlist!

I wanted to get some upbeat / toe tapping songs together.  It’s been gorgeous outside here in Pittsburgh.  Unfortunately, all the snow has managed to disappear.  However, last year Snowmaggedon didn’t hit until late January/early February, so that doesn’t mean the snow is over (which we all snow it isn’t).

Happy 2011 everyone.  Since #11 is my lucky number, I’m hoping that this year will be a good year.

* crosses fingers *


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