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We’re all prepping for the Steelers game this weekend!  Nutmeg’s been sleeping in her Steelers fleecey blanket all this week.  She didn’t really like me turning it into a cape for the photo, but she dealt wth it.  LOVE her…

So yea!  Friday!  The week is over!  It.  Was. SO.  BUSY!

For those who haven’t seen my mass posts on Facebook, please help support TerraShift.  We are a finalist for the 2011 Unreasonable Institute.

Watch this video:

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On a different note, I have been in a really good mood today.  The snow is beautiful outside… I cleaned the kitchen… had a few wonderful conversations with people today.  When I asked Sabrina if she had any crazy plans for the weekend?


I’m going to the gun show
Yeah I said that. I have tickets.
I didn’t go to Dallas last weekend.  Instead I drove 1.5 hrs southwest to another suburb of Houston and met some college friends for dinner at Red Lobster…
Yeah, we know how to roll. 

… cue the ROFL.  Totally miss this girl.

Anyways, since I’m in a good mood – I must include a weekend playlist!  There are so many great things about this weekend:

1.) Steelers celebrating/partying Friday – Sunday (literally, everyone is the
city is going nuts)

2.) Not worrying about what to wear for the weekend (Obviously, it has to be
black and gold… or a jersey)
3.) Steelers playing in the AFC championship on Sunday (YEAAAA!!!!) 

So wonderful.  Let’s get this weekend started with some music!

Nothing’s going to bring us down 🙂


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