pretty lights – unreleased 2010 remixes


Pretty Lights - Unreleased 2010 RemixesTo prep your for the weekend, I’m going to guide you to Pretty Lights just released set of remixes from 2010. You can download the album for free (which of course is totally awesome). There are a total of seven songs on the album.  The mix includes:

Pretty Lights – NYE Chicago Bulls (Intro) Remix

Michael’s been practicing with his Charlotte Bobcats.  Does that mean that he’s going to come out of retirement?!  No.  It just means that he’s THAT much better than you.  This remix is pretty sweet and makes you wish the real #23 would come back.  Plus, it has Wiz Khalifa’s “Say Yeah” in the mix.  Double bonus.

Pretty Lights – All Of The Lights Remix

I really didn’t think the original song was that great when it first came out.  I was mildly excited because it was a track that included both Rihanna and Kanye (hey, they can make good music sometimes).  This remix, however, brings a fresh new perspective to the song.

Pretty Lights – Empire State Of Mind Remix

I am SUCH a sucker for any remix/mashup that includes a Biggie song.  This song grew old for me, but I’m content listening to it as long as Biggie continues to rap in it.

Pretty Lights – Finally Moving (Remix)

What?  A remix of James Brown’s “I Feel Good?”  This remix is sick.  It has the perfect beat and keeps you nodding your head during its entire 2:34.


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