Weekend Playlist 3.25.11


Here’s a playlist (below) to get you through the weekend.


Playlist includes:

Pitbull – Give Me Everything

Britney Spears – Till The World Ends

Big Z Remixes – Never Change

Alex Gaudino (ft. Kelly Rowland) – What a Feeling

Shaggy (ft. Pitbull) – Fired Up

Childish Gambin0 – Freaks and Geeks

Dev – In The Dark

Milkman – Drop the Ball

Akon – Boomerang

Chris Brown (ft. Wiz Khalifa) – Bomb

Kid Cudi – Cudi Zone (KillaGraham Remix)

T-Pain (ft. Flo Rida) – I’m Dancin’

Katy Perry – E.T.

Wiz Khalifa – Roll Up

Tinie Tempah – Written in the Stars

Teddybears – Cardiac Arrest

Travis Barker – Let’s Go

E-603 – Do Your Thang

Britney Spears – I Wanna Go


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