Radiohead – Street Spirit (Dubstep Remix)


Recently, Bret has discovered his new obsession.

This shouldn’t have come as any surprise since he really enjoys doing the robot anytime he can dance… We also loved watching Poreotics dance on America’s Best Dance Crew last season, and several of their tracks were dubstep.  Bret keeps referring to an ABDC trailer that has dubstep in it, and now, I’ve finally taken the time to look it up:

What dubstep sounds like to me (and this is a good thing):

1.)   Whales Singing

2.)  Transformers Talking

3.)  The teachers yelling at Charlie Brown

4.)   A difficult board in Super Marios (Watch out for Koopa!)

5.)  Lots and lots of bass.  “Slappin’ Da Bass, mon.  Slappin’ Da Bass, mon.”

Anyways, this Radiohead dubstep remix of “Street Spirit” is AWESOME.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many times Bret has played it since I showed it to him last Friday.  In typical Bret fashion, he’s almost ruined the song for me by playing it every second of the day.  We’ll let it slide, though, since it is Radiohead + Dubstep.

Take a listen.  I’ll even include the Katy Perry track that was in the ABDC promo.

Radiohead – Street Spirit (Dubstep Remix)

Katy Perry – E.T.(Noisia Remix)


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