Big Z Remixes – Various Mixtapes


These songs are the best thing you will hear all summer.  Seriously, go to Big Z’s Facebook page, like him, and download these songs ASAP.

I fell in love with Big Z Remixes when I heard his remix of Snoop Dogg and Kid Cudi’s “That Tree.”  Bret and I played that non-stop last summer.  Recently, I found out he just released his fourth mixtape “Never Change.”  It is amazing how Big Z can completely transform a song.  I love when rap songs have some symphony “influence” blended into them.  For instance, I still can listen to Kanye West’s “Gone” over and over again because of that repetitive piano chord playing throughout the song… and THEN!  Cue the violins!

Things I would like to call out about Big Z that makes him awesome:

  • He’s from Pennsylvania
  • He’s a TEENAGER (junior in high school)
  • He doesn’t  use a computer program to make his beats.  No — instead, he records the guitar and synth parts himself and makes his own drum beats
  • His favorite band is Ratatat (which explains why his music is great)

Big Z Remixes are full of songs that you can play from beginning to end and are SO chill.  I will definitely be listening to all of his mixtapes this summer.

You can download all of his mixtapes by going to his info page on his Facebook page here: BIG Z REMIX FACEBOOK PAGE // DOWNLOAD

I was even nice enough to put all of his songs into a playlist so you can listen to them at your liking.  I can’t pick a favorite because they all are equally amazing.  Just put the playlist below on shuffle and enjoy:


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