Kid Cudi – Capcom


Oh boy.  Capcom = Street Fighter II = CHILDHOOD MEMORIESSS!

Kid Cudi has released a new song this week called “Capcom.”  I have SO many memories of playing all the Street Fighter II games in my brother’s bedroom with both Rich and Steph.  Seeing Kid Cudi’s song encouraged me to go dig up some music from Street Fighter II.  Seriously, play this video below and TRY not to remember this awesome game:

My favorite theme song/board song was Blanka’s.

Anyways, Kid Cudi’s song doesn’t feature any of these fabulous songs from Street Fighter, but the song itself is very reminiscent of what the songs used to be (think of Guile’s theme song).  Rumor has it that this song will be featured in his upcoming summer mixtape “A Man Called Scott.”

Kid Cudi – Capcom


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