White Panda – Steal Eastwood


The White Panda have finally released their album Panadamonium.  You can buy/download the album on their bandcamp page here.

I’ve have a love / hate relationship with White Panda.  Some songs they release I completely LOVE while others — I don’t hate — but I feel like they miss the mark.  I wish I would have seen them at Carnegie Mellon back in September.  That would have been a ton of fun.

With the new album, White Panda has a new single “Steal Eastwood.”  I enjoy listening to this song because it brings me back to junior high.  Who didn’t listen to “Steal My Sunshine” during the summer?  “Clint Eastwood” was the song that started it all for The Gorillaz.  For some reason, the concept that they were cartoons vs. real people in their music videos never made sense to me as a teenager.

Now, I totally get it…

Listen to “Steal Eastwood” below.  I’ve also included my favorite White Panda song, “Stereo Hands:”

White Panda – Steal Eastwood

White Panda – Stereo Hands


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