Ezra Koenig – Papa Hobo (Paul Simon Cover)


Bret and I just saw a short trailer for “The Ceremony” the other day which sparked Bret to ask:  “What’s that?  Is that supposed to be good?”  I had never heard of the movie, so I did some investigating.

I definitely want to see it.

I found out today that Ezra Koenig, Vampire Weekend frontman, recorded a cover of Paul Simon’s “Papa Hobo” for the soundtrack (this also encouraged me to further investigate about the movie).  It’s interesting to me that Ezra would do a Paul Simon cover.  Bret’s dad loved their first album because he thought that it sounded so much like Paul Simons Graceland album.  The Ceremony soundtrack was produced by Eric D. Johnson of Fruit Bats and will also include songs from Ringo Starr, Pete Townsend and more.

I don’t know which version I prefer more.  Both are great and perfect for this summer.

You choose.

Ezra Koenig – Papa Hobo (Paul Simon Cover)

Paul Simon – Papa Hobo


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