Blind Pilot – 3 Rounds and a Sound


The calm before the storm…

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous.  We were able to celebrate Bret’s birthday in good fashion by going to the Pirates game… I got in a nice run outside…. Great great great!

However, I can see the bushes outside waving around like crazy, which means our Pittsburgh weather is coming back.

– sigh –

So, let’s pretend that it’s going to be in the 70s and sunny this week by playing some nice, chill music!

I love Blind Pilot. I’ve included their music here and there on my playlists in the past. I never listened to their full album 3 Rounds and a Sound by itself.  The album’s not new (released in 2008), but the songs are perfect for this kind of lazy/hazy day.  My favorites are “One Red Thread,” “I Buried a Bone,” “The Story I Heard,” and “3 Rounds and a Sound.”

Take a listen, and float along.


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