Ha Ha Tonka – Death of a Decade


Ha Ha Tonka (named after a state park in Missour) will be in Pittsburgh on Thursday, playing at Club Cafe.  They are a rock band from the Ozark region of Missouri.  In some ways, they remind me of Kings of Leon with their bluegrass + rock influence.  The Maneater described them “… Think Kings of Leon with much sharper songwriting or Mumford & Sons with more authenticity.”

I’m ok with that.

They just released a new album Death of a Decade on April 5th, and I’m really feeling “Usual Suspects” from the album along with “Hide It Well.”  However, as I’m going through the rest of the songs, I have to say I’m impressed.  I am not a “rock” gal, but these songs are upbeat, meaningful, beautifully written…  I’m probably going to have to get the whole album.

I would definitely keep an eye on these guys this year.  If you like Mumford and Sons, Avett Brothers, Wilco, The Black Keys, I would check them out.  You can listen to a few of the tracks below or you can go to their Myspace page and stream the whole album there.

Ha Ha Tonka – Usual Suspects

Ha Ha Tonka – Jesusita

Ha Ha Tonka – Westward Bound


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