Adam and the Amethysts – Prophecy


Bret and I visited Minnesota over Easter break, and I must say — I was very impressed/happy with the state.  I had never been there before, and over the past month, Bret and I started talking about the possibility of living somewhere else other than Pittsburgh.


Obviously, nothing’s set in stone yet, but the visit definitely got us to thinking.  I was a huge fan of all the lakes that you could find in throughout the state.  It’d be great to live near a large body of water (not an ocean) to fish, canoe, swim…  I know Pittsburgh has its Three Rivers, but no one wants to actually participate in any “recreational activities” in them.

Anyways, while I was putting together a playlist for the trip, I ran across this song by Adam and the Amethysts.  They are a Canadian indie rock band from Montreal.  They have been around for about 3 years but haven’t been producing any music.  “Prophecy” is their first single off of their new album Flickering Flashlight.

The guitar tune kind of sounds like steel drums which is PERFECT for the 80 degree weather we’re supposed to have this week.  I would put this song in the same category as Edward Sharpe’s “Home.”  It’s just a simple, quirky folk song that makes you feel good inside.

Listen to some of their other songs on their MySpace page.  You can download “Prophecy” by doing to A&TA’s bandcamp page here.

Adam and the Amethysts – Prophecy


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