Fishboy – Autumn the Owl


I love owls.

I also love that as soon as I get an updated tetanus shot, I will be able to help heal/save owls at the Wildlife Center (eeeek!)

I love anything that has owls on them.  In fact, this picture is hanging up in my living room (along with 8 other dressed up animals):

By this point, it should come as no surprise that I would love a song about owls.

“Autumn the Owl” is both fun + quirky.  It brings me back to my Jimmy Eat World days where I would belt out singing “The World You Love,” “Polaris,” “A Praise Chorus,” and “Lucky Denver Mint” in the car.  It has just the right amount of sing-a-long lyrics that will be easy for Bret to learn (Mr. I-can’t-learn-any-lyrics) combined with rock — some songs definitely have a Cake + Sondre Lerche quality to them.

I’ve posted the “Autumn the Owl” video below along with two additional Fishboy songs.  You can listen to the entire Classic Creeps album on their bandcamp page.

Fishboy – Adrian Simmons

Fishboy – Cobra Cobra (on Albatross album)


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