Cris Cab – Good Girls


Cris Cab Good Girls

This is the perfect summer song… and  I wish I had this view in front of me while I was listening to it.

I think that we will be hearing a lot from Cris Cab in the next year.  Parts of his voice sounds like Bob Marley.  Other parts sound like Bruno Mars (especially when he hits those higher notes).

Cris claims that his Cuban descent and frequent visits to the Bahamas helped give him inspiration for his musical sound which is a combination of both hip-hop and reggae mixed with a little acoustic.  He did a cover of Kanye’s “All of the Lights” and Wiz’s “Black and Yellow,” so of course he gets some bonus points from me.  “Good Girls”  is a breezy, catchy tune for this summer — and it’s true!  Good girls don’t grow on trees.

Cris is only 18 years old, from Miami, and wanted to wait until he graduated high school before taking any meetings from record companies although I’m pretty sure he’ll be signed to Pharrell Williams’ label

Take a listen to the cover songs he did below.  If I were still in junior high/high school, I would be swooning over this kid… Not Justin Beaver Cleaver.

Cris Cab – All of the Lights (cover)

Cris Cab – Black and Yellow (cover)


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