Weekend Playlist 6.10.11


Summer playlist

It’s heeeeeere!  FRIDAY!

This video cracks me up:

Bret and I were thinking about having some people over tonight to do a cook-out, but we’ll see if that happens/who’s in town.  It’s been so gorgeous outside that it would be crazy to stay indoors.  We planted some tomato plants last weekend and are hoping to maybe get a few more plants (maybe a pepper plant of some sort) to add to our “garden” family.  We officially have our herbs planted, and our Dwarf Lemon tree seems to be relatively healthy (for now).

I’m going to head down to the Arts Fest today at some point to check out some of the booths.  I still much prefer fall festivals to arts festivals (especially when it’s 90 degrees outside), but I’m a sucker for any festival/celebration.  I always think, “Maybe I’ll get one thing,” but for those who know me can already guess that I probably won’t buy anything because I’m such a bad shopper (Translation:  I’m not good at spending money).

I wish they had better performers/musicians this year.  I think last year (or the year before) they had Ingrid Michaelson come and perform.  The big performance this year is Brandi Carlile.  Meh.

Anyways, it’s the weekend.  Get pumped up!  I am really loving Shakira’s new song “Rabiosa.”  She’s very cute + sexy in the video, and the song is just pure fun for summer.

Catch ya’ on Monday 🙂


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