Weekend Playlist 7.15.11


UPDATE:  For some reason, my playlist didn’t include of all my songs originally.  Enjoy the LONGER playlist 🙂


So, another week has gone by without me making any significant updates to the blog aside from this weekend playlist.  Sometimes, when I don’t make any updates, this is what I feel like:

In all seriousness, I actually had a really great week!  I have several things to look forward to in the upcoming month, including my birthday next week!

Tomorrow, I’m playing in another tennis tournament.  Hopefully, I’ll play better than I did in the last one.  Bret and I went and hit/practice last night.  Both of us are definitely getting back into our tennis groove.  He and I are also participating in Mixed Doubles together, and I think we have a chance!  We’ve won one tournament together as mixed doubles, so it’d be great to add another trophy to our shelf.

I woke up at 4 AM this morning (I have no idea why…) and I literally couldn’t fall asleep.    The 7:00 AM alarm went off, and I still hadn’t fallen back asleep fully.  UGHHH.


Anyways, I’ve procrastinated on making biscottis and cookies today for too long.  Bret’s mom wanted to donate some baked goods to a fundraiser for her church and asked if I would make some.  I love making my biscottis, so of course I would.  I’m also going to try making my Grandma’s infamous apple slice cake FOR THE FIRS TIME!  I hope it turns out.

Wish me luck on my matches this weekend!  I hope you all have as much fun as you possibly can 🙂


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  1. As always the music is great! I totally understand the procrastination thing today. I was going to pick apples and am working on some school stuff instead. I realized yesterday that the deadline is today! Oh, well. It’s finished. Hope the baked goods turn out delicious (and I, sure they will!) Good luck on the tournament!

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