Dan Mangan – Basket


My first job in high school was at Hollister Co. in the mall.  I remember Kylie and I went in an interviewed together and both hired.  While working at Hollister didn’t necessarily provide me any insights to what my path would be in the future, it was my first job, and it was actually pretty fun.

One of the best things while working at Hollister was a community “jukebox” music player that you could select certain music to listen that played through the store.  My absolute favorite album to listen to was Josh Kelley’s For the Ride Home.  I honestly can’t tell you how many times I listened to almost every single one of those songs on that album during my 4-8 hour shifts.  It was perfect, cheesy, lovey-dovey, pop perfection.  I’m probably going to listen to the entire album after this post since it’s been awhile since I’ve listened (or even heard about) Josh Kelley.  All I know is that he’s now married to Katherine Heigl and both adopted a super cute girl named Naleigh:

Now,  to Dan Mangan!  Dan reminds me of Josh Kelley in some ways.  His songs definitely aren’t as poppy and have a lot more depth to them (so maybe in retrospect he isn’t like Josh at all…)  When I initially heard “Sold” for the first time, I thought it was Josh and then was pleasantly surprised to have found a new musician to add to my collection.

Dan has a little bit of Marcus Mumford in him with the passion and emotion in his voice.  “Sold” is fun for summer and great to play with the windows rolled down in your car.  Another song, “Robots,” has a little eerie feeling to it, but I love it.  “Basket’ is by far my favorite that I’ve listened to so far.  Parts of the song remind  me of Josh Ritter with the scratchiness in his voice and how low he can go with the range of his voice.  His new album is due out in September.

Dan Mangan – Basket

Dan Mangan – Sold

Dan Mangan – Robots


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