De-Lor – That We Loved


I get emails from time to time from musical artists and usually post the submissions that I receive.

Yesterday, I received an email from De-Lor, who is a an up and coming pop singer/songwriter/producer from Boston.  His first debut mixtape will be dropping in the Fall.  This guy really caught my attention.  I am such a sucker for songs from Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, Taio Cruz, and Jay Sean.  I think that De-Lor could easily fall into the R&B/pop/dance/electro music and kill it.

Go download his music on his bandcamp page.  The songs are perfect for our final months of summer.  I’ve already listened to his new song “That We Loved” about 10 times…  since I received my email about it an hour ago…  But now I’m investigating his other stuff (which you will most likely find on this week’s Weekend Playlist).

Go check out his Facebook page and Twitter Page too while you’re at it and show him some love.


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