Weekend Playlist 8.5.11


Hello, Friday.  How are you doing?  We’ve all been waiting for you… so happy that you decided to come around 🙂

Bret and I have dubbed August “Sibling Month.”  We’ll be seeing every single one of our siblings over the course of this month from both sides of the family.  I’m excited to see his part of the family because we haven’t been able to see most of them since Christmas.  I also haven’t seen my brother and SIL since Christmas either…

My, how time flieeeeeeeeees.

Anywho, I’m really excited to see everyone and catch-up on what’s been going on since we all last met.  We also have our friends coming in town for the weekend, so that will be a bunch of fun.  Bret also has his all-star baseball game on Sunday (my little baseball player… ♥ haha).  So, tons of stuff going on this weekend… and next… and the one after that…

I hope everyone has a fun weekend!  See ya Monday.


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