FreeSol – Hoodies On, Hats Low


I can’t stop listening to this song.   It makes you bob your head.   It makes you rock your body back and forth.  It makes you want to grab a hoodie and hat and chill with this cool group of dudes in the video.

Oh, and did I mention that Justin Timberlake is in the video?


I will always have a special place in my heart for the former N*Syncer…  Justin directed their new music video and gave them a nice shout out on his Twitter to check out the video (which is how I found it).

FreeSol is a progressive hip-hop, rock, and soul band from Memphis, Tennessee.  In 2006, Justin Timberlake, also a Memphis native, saw FreeSol perform at a jazz cafe in their hometown. Not too long afterwards, Justin signed them to his label, Tennman Records.  Not too long afterwards, JT was able to get them a major deal with Interscope Records.

With the end of summer slowly creeping up on us, this song reminds me that summer isn’t over yet.


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