Weekend Playlist 8.26.11


I have tons of stuff I need to do today, so this post won’t be too long.

We had a wonderful week that involved a lot of celebrating with our friends.  Monday night, we had the pleasure of going to Wing Night with Jay.  Jay just competed in a Sprint Triathalon last weekend (which Bret and I probably would have gone to support had we not gotten engaged) and finished 28 out of over 100 participants!  Total awesomeness.  On Wednesday night, Abe and Jane made us dinner (We are not worthy!)  It was so yummy!  We hadn’t seen them for awhile (since Bret and I have been MIA from Pittsburgh), so we made sure to stay up and hang out for awhile.  Last night, Bret and I were able to have Sean and Paige over for dinner.  THANK GOD!  I had so much food from my past two CSA boxes that I needed to use or else the veggies were going to go bad.

And now it’s Friday.

*sigh of relief*

There are also a lot of things going on outside of this music blog that if I can ask everyone to just cross their fingers — I’d really appreciate it.

Other than that, I hope you all have a great weekend, and I will see you Monday!


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