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Weekend Playlist 9.23.11


I know it’s not October yet, and I know it’s not Halloween yet — but I DON’T CARE!

This weekend is the weekend!

We are packing up all of our things and moving out of Pittsburgh.  We’ve been both dreading and looking forward to this moment for awhile.  We’re dreading it because — really — who enjoys moving?   It’s easily the most annoying thing to do when trying to look forward to going to a “new” place.  Somehow, Bret and I have really acquired quite a lot of things/items/shit since being together for 6 years… and that definitely doesn’t help our cause.

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh.  I’m going to complain about moving until it’s finally done.  Ok?  Ok.

One thing these past two days that has really brightened my spirits is coffee.  Obviously, I love coffee and drink it every single day, but it’s nice to drink it with the weather being crisp and muggy.  During the winter, I add cinnamon to the coffee filter with the coffee to give it a little spice.  Yesterday, I really wanted my coffee to taste like pumpkin spice, so I added cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg.  I don’t remember the quantities, but I went by smell — if it smelled like pumpkin, I was good to go.  It actually turned out really well!  Bret even liked it (which I didn’t think he would).  I did the same thing for this morning (adding a little extra ginger) and it tasted so yummy 🙂

Next Saturday is the start of my most favorite month of the year — OCTOBER!!!!!!

I am considering taking Bret to a haunted house tonight (despite the need to pack up our entire life) just because we need to get out of the place for a little bit… I doubt it will happen, and we’ll probably go next weekend, but I’m going to try.  Usually, during every weekend in October, we do something Fall or Halloween-related… whether it’s going to a corn maze, pumpkin patch, haunted house/trail, watching scary movies… etc.  I think that you can feel more like a kid during the Fall + Halloween than any other time of the year.  Bret and I still haven’t finalized what we’re going to dress up as, but I like the idea we have for right now.


Have a great weekend everyone… And wish Bret luck that I don’t bite his head off during the move.


Time to Unwind 9.20.11




I was so busy last week, that I decided not post the “Time to Unwind” playlist, but I also neglected to post the “Weekend Playlist” for the FIRST TIME in like…  8 months 😦

Never.  Again.

I felt so lost without my TTU playlist… It’s the playlist that gets me through the week — and it’s been gone!

Forgive me?

So life feels a little bit like a hurricane/tornado/tropical storm… whatever other natural disasters you can name… because so much is happening at one time.  I mean, I’m calling it a POSITIVE natural disaster.  I know that once everything settles down, all will be well.  Until then, though, I think Bret and I will be flying by the seat of our pants for the most part.

We’re making moves, and I’m so excited to get this next chapter of our lives started.

Weekend Playlist 9.9.11


I’m. So. Pooped.

I just got back from training in Baltimore for the week, and I must admit, my brain’s a little fried.  I really couldn’t fall asleep last night at all in addition to that, so I don’t really know how I’m operating right now.


Listening to the Weekend Playlist is waking me up a little bit — and getting me excited for the PSU vs ALABAMA game this weekend!! YEAAAA!

First game of the season.


I need to shower and pack, but I hope you all have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Time to Chill 9.7.11



Bret and I are moving…


This has kind of been everyone’s reactions…

Like.. Ok Bret and Brittany… What MORE can you blindside us with?   If you were thinking that I was going to respond with something like:  “I’M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Well, you’re wrong.  That’s all the news we have, folks.  Brittany got a new job, and we’re moving.  We’re moving so we can see more of this…

Tons of this…

And finish an evening with this…

We are moving out of the city and becoming the “country” kids we’re used to being.  We miss the outdoors.  We miss having bonfires.  We miss stepping outside and seeing sky versus cityscape.

We’re ready for change.

So yeaaaaaa… I think that Bret and I officially have had the craziest two months.  SO MUCH HAS BEEN HAPPENING!!??

Long story short:

  1. Bret and I are engaged
  2. Brittany got a new job
  3. Bret and Brittany are moving out of Pittsburgh

This is probably the most excited we have been as a couple since… maybe when we made our first joint purchase together:

I can’t even make that up.  Bret and I bought this CD together (both of us using our OWN money TOGETHER for the FIRST TIME) back during our Freshmen year of college.  Bret looooooooooooooved the music video for “Hung Up.”  LOL.. I’m sorry.  I’m laughing to myself right now.

We’re making moves.

Weekend Playlist 9.2.11


Ooooh,  it’s the weekend!

And it’s a long weekend!  YAY!

Do you guys have any fun plans for this Labor Day weekend?  Bret and I are going to be playing in our local clay court tennis tournament.  It should be pretty fun 🙂  I really like the people of the clay court community, so it’ll be great to do a day of tennis with them.

It is so gorgeous outside right now!  However, I wish we were having those 75 degree days instead of 85 degrees.  Tomorrow, it’s supposed to get up to 94 degrees.  WHAAAAT???

I’m ready for fall.  Since we’re in September now, Bret has given me the “go-ahead” to start making my pumpkin recipes.  YESS!!!  My goal this year is to try to make as many pumpkin recipes using REAL pumpkin instead of the canned stuff.  Yes, it’s a little more tedious and takes some time… but it’s totally worth it.  I made a pasta using real pumpkin last year, and it was very yummy.

A few pumpkin things I want to make this year:

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

Pumpkin Gobs

Pumpkin Cookies with Royal Icing

Pumpkin Donuts

Pumpkin Pancakes

Mmmmmm…. Ready for fall yet?

Have a great, relaxing Labor Day weekend 🙂

Willie Nelson – The Scientist


I love Coldplay.  They’re are definitely in my top five favorites bands of all time.  One song that I used to listen to over and over again was “The Scientist.”

Honestly, when I first read that Willie was going to do a cover of this song, I thought to myself, “Whaaaaaa??”

It is wonderful.

Willie wrote this song for Chipotle’s new marketing video “Back To The Start.”  At 78, Willie has been supporting farmers and sustainable agriculture and is the President of Farm Aid.

I really do love the message of the Chipotle video.  I think it’s very effective and smart.  Do I think Chipotle actually practices what it preaches?  Meh.  Maybe — but it should (hopefully) get consumers thinking more about where their food is coming from.

Willie Nelson – The Scientist