Time to Chill 9.7.11



Bret and I are moving…


This has kind of been everyone’s reactions…

Like.. Ok Bret and Brittany… What MORE can you blindside us with?   If you were thinking that I was going to respond with something like:  “I’M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Well, you’re wrong.  That’s all the news we have, folks.  Brittany got a new job, and we’re moving.  We’re moving so we can see more of this…

Tons of this…

And finish an evening with this…

We are moving out of the city and becoming the “country” kids we’re used to being.  We miss the outdoors.  We miss having bonfires.  We miss stepping outside and seeing sky versus cityscape.

We’re ready for change.

So yeaaaaaa… I think that Bret and I officially have had the craziest two months.  SO MUCH HAS BEEN HAPPENING!!??

Long story short:

  1. Bret and I are engaged
  2. Brittany got a new job
  3. Bret and Brittany are moving out of Pittsburgh

This is probably the most excited we have been as a couple since… maybe when we made our first joint purchase together:

I can’t even make that up.  Bret and I bought this CD together (both of us using our OWN money TOGETHER for the FIRST TIME) back during our Freshmen year of college.  Bret looooooooooooooved the music video for “Hung Up.”  LOL.. I’m sorry.  I’m laughing to myself right now.

We’re making moves.


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