Time to Unwind 9.20.11




I was so busy last week, that I decided not post the “Time to Unwind” playlist, but I also neglected to post the “Weekend Playlist” for the FIRST TIME in like…  8 months 😦

Never.  Again.

I felt so lost without my TTU playlist… It’s the playlist that gets me through the week — and it’s been gone!

Forgive me?

So life feels a little bit like a hurricane/tornado/tropical storm… whatever other natural disasters you can name… because so much is happening at one time.  I mean, I’m calling it a POSITIVE natural disaster.  I know that once everything settles down, all will be well.  Until then, though, I think Bret and I will be flying by the seat of our pants for the most part.

We’re making moves, and I’m so excited to get this next chapter of our lives started.


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