Monthly Archives: October 2011

Halloween Weekend Playlist 10.28.11


It’s Halloween this weekend!  Obviously, I put together a pretty killer playlist for you to all celebrate to during your spooky escapades this weekend!

Sooo many songs!

Enjoy 🙂


Time to Unwind 10.25.11


It is SO pretty outside today!

Is everyone enjoying their Fall?  Bret and I just got 15 gallons of cider (yes, you read that correctly) from his parents this past week to put in the freezer and saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave over the next few months.  Nom nom nom.  It’s so yummy (and fresh-pressed and unpasteurized)!  We also stopped by the farmer’s market on Saturday to pick up some honey-crisp apples, and Bret wasn’t kidding — they are the BEST apples I’ve tasted so far this year!

I’ve been working on mine and Bret’s costumes this past week…. putting the final touches on mine and tying up the loose ends on his.  What are we going to be?  Hmmmmmmm……..


Hope everyone is having a great week!

Weekend Playlist 10.21.11


Yes!  You read that right!  The weekend playlist is here!

Since I’ve been MIA with the weekend playlist (and in the case that I go for another month without updating it again) I made this playlist nice and long.

I was so behind on all of my music — I feel all caught up now (pshhhh… there’s no way).  You’ll see a few repeat artists on the list simply because I just couldn’t choose ONE SONG to post in the playlist.

I’m almost done with my costume for Halloween… I can’t believe next week is the last week of October.  This month went by way too fast.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend 🙂

Time to Unwind 10.19.11


ZOMG!! F’REALZ!!!!????  A PLAYLIST???!!

Slowly, but surely, I’ll get back to posting on this like I should be.  Just hang tight for a little longer…

Relax with this fall playlist.  I needed to have new songs SO BAD — so one can assume that you all needed a new playlist as well.

Oh yea …. There will be a playlist on Friday.  C’YEA!!