Where is the Silverware?


Bret and I are slowly getting through unpacking our things.  The biggest hurdle to get over was unpacking all of my kitchen stuff.  I really can’t wait to get up and running with making dinners again and moving around my new kitchen.  Next, we conquered the living room and finally (hopefully) figured out a comfy layout.  However, as a result of empty boxes and piling boxes, our dining room/mud room kind of looks like a scene out of Wall-E:

There are boxes after boxes stacked on more boxes surrounded by other boxes.  While we were unloading the kitchen boxes, Bret and I began a fun game of  Where is the Silerware??  With each box we opened, we would say, “Maybe it’s in this one.”  Nope.  “It’s definitely in this one.”  Nada.  “Ok, this one looks promising.”  Wrong again.  I remember turning to Bret (as I packed it into its obscure location) and saying:  “When we finally unpack this stuff, we’re going to forget where we packed the silverware.”

Obviously, the silver needed to go into a box containing a Christmas tree spire, two Pittsburgh Pirates Snuggies, a computer printer, golf balls, card games and a hanging shoe rack (just to name a few….)

“I’m assuming you packed this box, Brittany…”


Next hunt, where is the shower curtain? (We both are pretty certain it was left behind).

A month or so ago, I saw on my Facebook feed my old Business Communications teaching assistant (wow, that’s a mouthful) post a link to his sister’s YouTube page.  His little sister happens to be an AMAZING musician.  When I hear someone sing like this, I’m completely blown away.  I could listen to singers like her for hours.  Songs like these spark images of:


(Bret says I like any songs that a bird could hop-dance to… and I agree)

Swaying in a hammock

And of course — romance

I guess if Jake (my old TA) ever ran across this post, it might seem a little creepy since I’m featuring his sister on here due to me seeing one of his Facebook statuses…….. but whatever.

His sister kicks butt.  She deserves to get a ton of recognition for her talent and voice, and I’m more than happy to share her music with all of you 🙂


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