Ingrid + Greg = Did you break up?!


I think you’ll find in this post that I am a big fan of YouTube videos.  There’s something much more fun about watching and listening to a song versus just listening.

I’m also a big fan of Ingrid Michaelson.  Bret and I have seen her in concert three times (solo tour, Hotel Cafe tour, and solo tour again), and she is just fantastic live.  Well, I am excited to announce that she has a new album coming out January 24 called Human Again.


The last time we saw her, it was very clear that her and Greg Laswell were dating.  Now, many of you either know this (or don’t) but one of my and Bret’s favorite memories everrrrrrr was going to a Greg Laswell concert at Club Cafe.  At this time, I was a super obsessed Greg Laswell fan.  I played his music while studying, sitting on the computer, driving in the car… everywhere.  I.  Loved.  Greg Laswell.  Greg ended up hanging out with us for hours.  AND HE PLAYED ON MY CRAPPY CASIO!!! (Yes, that’s what he actually called it: “What is this crappy Casio?” )  Bret and I were originally planning on going to the concert alone, but then four of his housemates came along as well, and it ended up being such an amazing night.

Ok.  Focus.  I got a little excited there.

Greg and Ingrid.  In love.  Together.  Two of my favorite indie/acoustic musicians got married to one another!  I know I’ve posted this before, but they sang this song when we saw them live, and it reminded me of Johnny Cash and June Carter:

And then.  She releases her newest song called “Ghost.”  Now, I must say that when I originally heard it, my hope and heart for the Ingrid + Greg = LOVE broke a little bit because my first instinct was WHAT THE HELL! HOW COULD THEY BREAK UP!  THE LIGHT, GREG! YOU SEE THE LIGHT IN MEE!

The video is very pretty and captivating, and the song is beautiful… I just hope it’s about a relationship before Greg and not Greg because if it’s about Greg that would just be terrible.  I’ve decided it can’t be about Greg because her wedding ring is still on in the video…

To keep the love going, Ingrid’s cover of “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” was featured the trailer for “Like Crazy” (which I really want to see):

Greg also released a song this year with Morgan Page called “Addicted” and it’s already been added to my running playlist.  It’s got a dancey feel to it, and I must say — I approve.


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  1. the album was called human again because its about her trying to return from the darker times after the previous breakup. it looks like she has finally.:) greg will be touring with her this summer and i imagine it would be incrediblely awkward if they broke up.i also heard a rumor they were married in august in maine.

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