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Whoopsie Daisy!


I know this video isn’t new at this point, but I still make it a point to include every single OK GO video on this blog simply because I love them and their intelligence and creativity when it comes to music videos just amazes me.  Plus, I have to give props to Chevy for considering OK GO to include their car in the video (awesome product placement)…

Ok, so… Every time I hear the phrase “Whoopsie Daisy!” I think of Notting Hill  and can only say “Whoopsie Daisy” in my best Hugh Grant voice.

I know you just did it as well.

Annnnnnnnnnd, I used the phrase “Whoopsie Daisy!” as my blog post title because it seemed to be the best way to apologize for the lack of blog posts followed by the brief disappearance of my domain name.

Whoopsie Daisy!

Bret’s been on my case (in a good way) about updating this blog.  “You LOVE posting on your blog!  Don’t forget that.”  Well, I did forget, and even as I’m typing this, I’m happy that I’ll be able to get back on track with my blog posts.

In a life update, all is well here in our little home!  We have literally had a guest in our place almost every single weekend since we’ve been here or we’ve seen friends/family every weekend.  People are asking, “Are you guys all finally moved in?” to which Bret and I only respond:  “Sure!”

Do we have stuff still in boxes?  Yes.  Is there artwork on the wall?  Well, not yet.  Has Nutmeg finally adjusted?  You bet.

But we had our first case of dust bunnies last week.  Now, I know dust bunnies aren’t necessarily a good thing (usually it means you are lazy and haven’t cleaned your house), but for me, it was a sign that we were living and using our new home.  I won’t read into it too much because it is also shedding season for Nutmeg… but still.  Dust bunnies come around when you are “being” in a home.  So are we moved in?  No, but the dust bunny brigade has finally showed up!

Bret and I are definitely getting into our groove here.  Bret’s been hacking away at the bushes in front of our house (I only say hack because… he’s cut a significant amount of branches from the bushes.  We’ll see how that turns out) and has managed to bring life back to the blackberry bush.  I also made my first attempt at tackling the lavender that starting taking over our flowerbed/garden in the front of our house.  We’re planning on planting some herbs and arugula there, so hopefully it will all work out!

Bret found a baseball team to play with during this Spring and Summer.  With baseball season coming up, it is ALL Bret talks about.  “I need new batting gloves.”  “The Pirates play on Sunday.”  “Let’s go play catch outside.”  “Let’s go to the store to look at some bats.”

He’s lucky his birthday is coming up 🙂

Last night, I met with a small group of people to run with.  I’ve been running with Nutmeg outside, but running here is a bit different than my experience in Pittsburgh.  In Pittsburgh, I had the luxury of hopping outside pretty much every day and being in Frick Park almost immediately to run with Nutmeg.  Here, I kind of have to go hunting for my running paths, especially areas where I can let Nutmeg off leash while I run.  Fortunately, the weather’s been gorgeous here, so I’ve been able to scope out some places before the really nice weather sets in.  Below is a picture of Mt. Nittany (I took it from the Mount Nittany FB page).  I can’t wait to climb that guy over and over this summer with Nutmeg and Bret.

Mount Nittany

I began looking at wedding stuff a few weeks ago, thinking that since I have all of this time to prep for it (since the wedding won’t be until 2013), I might as well take advantage of it.  Well… I can tell you that the moment I started looking at stuff, I began freaking out.  It’s not that I don’t think I can plan a wedding, but Bret’s right — I’m not going to want to miss a detail.  I’m going to want to include “the little things.”  I’m going to want everyone to have a good time.  Sooooo I shut the wedding book and decided I’ll try the wedding stuff once it gets nicer out.

However, after a few more attempts, I have a better idea of what I want the wedding to be 🙂

There you have it.  In a nutshell, Squeaker Box is back… I’m back… We never left, but we’re here.  And now — I shall try to make some raisin-filled cookies!