Always Alright


  • Today, I WILL give Nutmeg a bath because she’s starting to smell like a big ol’ stinky pupper-poo.
  • This weekend, I WILL finish my wedding list and get my Save the Dates finalized.
  • This month, I WILL do Jillian’s 30 Day Shred every day even if it paralyzes me (which it is – I can’t even move after the workout).
  • This year, I WILL be me and all that entails.

Bret and I saw Silver Linings Playbook a few weeks ago, and while it wasn’t the BEST movie I’ve seen, there were several things I loved about it:

1.) Jennifer Lawrence

What’s not to love about her?  All the attention she is getting this awards season is well-deserved (plus, it gives us an opportunity to see what kind of pretty dresses she’s going to wear).

2.) Bradley Cooper

It was refreshing to see Bradley in a “serious” movie role.  I want to say that this movie made me really respect Bradley as an actor, but the truth is, he caught my attention when I found out he could do THIS:

3.) The Music

This movie has opened the doors for great artists to be recognized including The Lumineers, Alabama Shakes, alt-J, Jessie J…
I can’t stop listening to “Always Alright” by Alabama Shakes.  Just do yourself a favor – close your eyes, press play, and TRY not to nod or sway your head, tap your fingers, or even do a little shoulder shrugging.  So much love for this song:


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