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Weekend Playlist 9.2.11


Ooooh,  it’s the weekend!

And it’s a long weekend!  YAY!

Do you guys have any fun plans for this Labor Day weekend?  Bret and I are going to be playing in our local clay court tennis tournament.  It should be pretty fun 🙂  I really like the people of the clay court community, so it’ll be great to do a day of tennis with them.

It is so gorgeous outside right now!  However, I wish we were having those 75 degree days instead of 85 degrees.  Tomorrow, it’s supposed to get up to 94 degrees.  WHAAAAT???

I’m ready for fall.  Since we’re in September now, Bret has given me the “go-ahead” to start making my pumpkin recipes.  YESS!!!  My goal this year is to try to make as many pumpkin recipes using REAL pumpkin instead of the canned stuff.  Yes, it’s a little more tedious and takes some time… but it’s totally worth it.  I made a pasta using real pumpkin last year, and it was very yummy.

A few pumpkin things I want to make this year:

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

Pumpkin Gobs

Pumpkin Cookies with Royal Icing

Pumpkin Donuts

Pumpkin Pancakes

Mmmmmm…. Ready for fall yet?

Have a great, relaxing Labor Day weekend 🙂


Weekend Playlist 8.19.11


Odaytay isway Idayfray!  I’mway osay excitedway!

Ok.  Sorry.  I honestly thought that maybe I would write this whole post in pig latin for no reason other than I’m in a goofy mood.  Then I realized how many people it would make mad/confused/annoyed/WTF, so I opted not to do it.

For some entertainment, you should press play on the video below, and watch the cat do his magic.

I can’t stop watching!!  HE’S SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

Ok.  I can tell that I’m going to get easily distracted today.


Weekend Playlist 8.12.11


Oh boy.  I have to get this out of my system first.  I think I can speak for everyone when I say that when I hear the “Jersey Shore,” there is one person that always comes to mind…

Ok.  Got that out of my system.  Bret and I are headed to the Jersey Shore this weekend.  It’ll be nice to have a little break with some sun, sand, and saltwater.  Obviously, I made an epic playlist for mine and Bret’s drive to NJ, but I was nice enough to include some of the songs for you guys for the weekend.  Bret appropriately named our playlist JERSEYLICIOUS.

Oh yea.  We’re good to go…

Catch ya’ on Monday!

Weekend Playlist 7.29.11


Wow.  Heads up.. another semi long post is on its way!

So you all are probably wondering why the heck I didn’t post a Weekend Playlist last week.  I’m not going to pretend like my birthday post was supposed to be my Weekend Playlist post.  I was going to put together an epic birthday dance playlist, but… plans changed!

As you all know, last Thursday was my 25th birthday.  Bret took me out to dinner to a new restaurant in our neighborhood (which was awesome) and then we came back for present time.  I’m going to be completely honest here and say when I saw this present finished, I cried a little bit:

Bret refurbished this spice rack for my 23rd birthday.  However, the spice rack wasn’t completely done when he gave it to me and hasn’t been touched pretty much since that birthday.  Sometimes when we argue, I have a tendency to bring up… DUN DUN DUN!  … The spice rack.

Now, the whole thing is finished and is a beautiful jade green… and I am so so happy.  But Bret said that wasn’t my gift.

I opened my birthday card and read that I was supposed to pack my bags because we’re leaving in the AM!  This request (at around 8:30 PM) was followed by us hurrying around, gathering all of Nutmeg’s things to take her to Bret’s parents’ house for the week.

Leaving in the AM?  TO WHERE?

I’ve been talking about Lake Michigan non-stop for some time now.  However, I guess I haven’t talked about it for a few months, deciding that right now isn’t the time to take a “trip.”  Well, Bret (being the great guy that he is) made the executive decision that right now was the perfect time to take a trip.  So, we were on our way to Saugatuck, Michigan for the week.

Long story short, it was perfect.  Bret and I had so much fun.  We had an innkeeper named Marie who was simply wonderful.  The first night, we sat in her kitchen drinking wine while she made a little appetizer of cheddar cheese with white truffle oil and honey drizzled over it.  It tasted sooo good.  Bret and I then went to the beach to watch the sunset with some pizza on the beach.

We spent the next few days walking through Saugatuck, looking at all the boats (wishing we had one… haha), laying out on the beach, swimming in the water (that is SALT-free and SHARK-free!), making as many friends as we could while we were there, and just enjoying our time together.

My favorite day of the week was when we decided to go kayaking on Lake Kalamazoo.  The lake had a river that branched off from the lake where we could kayak for 14 miles.  Bret and I had so much fun.  It was nice just to be out in the wilderness, no people, no noise… and lots of turtles!  Our 3 hour trip ended up being 4 hours, but whatever.  It was so much fun.

It was a perfect birthday trip and really gave me the chance to put everything going on with my life right now into perspective.  Pretty much everyone we met and talked to said the same words over and over to us: “Do it.  Take the chance.” And to confirm things even more, I was looking through the Pittsburgh City Paper last night, and this was my horoscope:

I hope you all had a great week.  I sure did.

Weekend Playlist 7.15.11


UPDATE:  For some reason, my playlist didn’t include of all my songs originally.  Enjoy the LONGER playlist 🙂


So, another week has gone by without me making any significant updates to the blog aside from this weekend playlist.  Sometimes, when I don’t make any updates, this is what I feel like:

In all seriousness, I actually had a really great week!  I have several things to look forward to in the upcoming month, including my birthday next week!

Tomorrow, I’m playing in another tennis tournament.  Hopefully, I’ll play better than I did in the last one.  Bret and I went and hit/practice last night.  Both of us are definitely getting back into our tennis groove.  He and I are also participating in Mixed Doubles together, and I think we have a chance!  We’ve won one tournament together as mixed doubles, so it’d be great to add another trophy to our shelf.

I woke up at 4 AM this morning (I have no idea why…) and I literally couldn’t fall asleep.    The 7:00 AM alarm went off, and I still hadn’t fallen back asleep fully.  UGHHH.


Anyways, I’ve procrastinated on making biscottis and cookies today for too long.  Bret’s mom wanted to donate some baked goods to a fundraiser for her church and asked if I would make some.  I love making my biscottis, so of course I would.  I’m also going to try making my Grandma’s infamous apple slice cake FOR THE FIRS TIME!  I hope it turns out.

Wish me luck on my matches this weekend!  I hope you all have as much fun as you possibly can 🙂

Weekend Playlist 5.6.11



Songs included on the playlist:

Black Eyed Peas – Do It Like This

Big Sean – Hometown

DJ JewBoy – Whatcha Sippin’ On

Taio Cruz – Replaceable

50 Cent – Bullshit and Party

Enrique Iglesias – Heartbeat

Kellee Maize – Hasta Abajo (All the Way Down)

Jay Sean – YMCMB Heroes

Jennifer Lopez – Hypnotico

Hyper Crush – Kick Us Out

Norwegian Recycling – Lights

CockNBullKid – Asthma Attack

Jessie and the Toy Boys – Push It (Skeet Skeet Remix)

Enrique Iglesias – Dirty Dancer

Nicki Minaj – Super Bass

Kat Deluna – Drop It Low

Jason Derulo – Don’t Wanna Go Home

Kardinal Offishall – Smash the Club

Nicole Scherzinger – Right There

DJ Snake – Pressure in the Club

Alesha Dixon – Every Little Part of Me

Sean Kingston – Party All Night

Leann Grimes – Cats & Dogs in Idaho


I’ve been pretty crazy about The Head and the Heart this year (starting in December) and was able to see them live back in February with Bret.  I knew they would get big this year…

Anyways, Shane Conerty (AKA Leann Grimes) put together an album full of wonderfully mixed songs.  The songs that really caught my ear were “Cats & Dogs in Idaho” and “Ms. Grimes.”  Shane doesn’t mashup any music but puts his own personal touch to the song, much like Big Z Remixes does.  I think this type of music needs its own name.  It’s not necessarily a “remix,” and it’s not a “mash-up…”

Hmm…  Things to consider.

Other dogs that can be found on the album include:

  • “Egyptain Robe”, by Miniature Tigers 
  • “Memory Boy”, by Deerhunter 
  • “Got To Move”, by CAKE 
  • “Under Cover Of Darkness”, by The Strokes 
  • “Shadow People”, by Dr. Dog 
  • “Mrs. Cold”, by Kings Of Convenience 
  • “Excuses”, by The Morning Benders 
  • “One Last”, by Avi Buffalo 
  • “Mary”, by Yellow Ostrich 
  • “World News”, by Local Natives 
  • “Keep Me In Mind”, by Little Joy 
  • “Summersong”, by The Decemberists 
  • “The Wild Hunt”, by The Tallest Man On Earth 

You can listen/download songs from the album from his bandcamp page.   You can also go to his SoundCloud page and download from there.  Once again, this is more chill music for you to add to you summer mixes.


Leann Grimes – Cats & Dogs in Idaho

Leann Grimes – Ms. Grimes

Leann Grimes – Got to Grime

Mashup Germany – Mash Mob


Mashup Germany, aka Ben Stilller just released his new Album “Volume 5 – Mash Mob”  last month.

How did I not know about this??

I love me some  mashups, and I found them just in time for 1.) Running outside 2.) Listening to for summer 3.) CARNIVAL THIS WEEKEND!

I’m currently in the process of getting both of the mixtapes, and I’m SO EXCITED.  Mash Mob combines over 200 songs into 36 Mashups on two full mixtapes.  The first mixtape should include more of the “party and electronic” songs (YES!) while the second mixtape will have a more reggae/pop/chill feeling to it (DOUBLE YES!)

You can download either the whole album or the single tracks only via this download link:

Mashup Germany – Somebody to Lean On


Wow. This song really makes you want to turn the lights off, flick on a lighter, and sway back and forth.

Mashup-Germany has put together a new song titled “Somebody to Lean On.”   Too deep for a Friday? Maybe — but I can never pass on a good mashup

He quoted:

“This Mashup is dedicated to my beloved grandmother, who is very, very sick right now. It makes you think what life is all about.  It’s about having somebody to lean on.”

Who do you go to when you need… somebody… to leaaaaaaaaaaan on?

Mashup Germany – Somebody to Lean On

Leona Lewis – Happy
Bill Whiters – Lean on me
Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere over the rainbow
John Lennon – Imagine
Selig – Ohne dich (faked Acapella)
Matisyahu – One Day
Counting Crows – Mr. Jones
K’naan – Wavin’ Flag
Alphaville – Forever Young
Blink 182 – All the small things
John Lennon – Interview (Samples)

Milkman – Algorithms


Milkman - Algorithms
Since I’ve pretty much killed the Girl Talk “All Day” album for myself (I neeeedz it to work out), I wanted to find some new mashups.

I don’t know how this got overlooked, but Milkman released an album to download FULL of mashups about a month ago called Algorithms.  Now, I don’t want to betray my love for Pittsburgh native, Girl Talk, but I am really feeling these mashups.

I can’t pick a favorite track (because they’re all good), but I’ll let you sample a few below.  Download his album for free HERE.

Milkman – Let’s Go

Milkman – Another One

Milkman – Right Now