Weekend Playlist 11.11.11


After this week, I think we all need a little pick me up playlist.  It has been an exhausting, emotional, sensitive week here in Happy Valley.  For those who know me, I’ve pretty much already shared my thoughts and opinions about the entire situation and want to keep the whole situation separate from this blog (since this is a music blog after all).

However, with that being said, remember the situation isn’t about football — it’s about the victims.

Do your part.  Please do and donate to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network http://www.rainn.org/

Now, enjoy your Friday and the weekend.  Today is technically my “lucky” day since it’s 11.11.11…. and Eleven is my lucky number… so hopefully something great will happen this weekend!


Time to Unwind 11.8.11


What a busy week/weekend.

The family is coming into town this weekend for the Nebraska/PSU game…  That game should be interesting considering everything going on.  I’d offer my two cents here about it, but I think I’ve exhausted all of my thoughts about the situation.   Such a terrible, terrible situation…

On the happy side, it’s been a gorgeous week for weather (I think it’s supposed to get up to 60 degrees today).

I know I’ve been sucking at giving good posts, but I legitimately don’t have the time.  Meeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Time to Unwind 11.2.11


Hello and goooooodbye October…

I decided that I needed a nice and slow (and long!  22 songs!) Time to Unwind playlist.  For whatever reason, I feel like I haven’t been able to catch up on my sleep which means I’m more than likely to get sick at some point in the next upcoming weeks.  Bah.

Bret and I went as Academy Award Winning “Psycho” Characters for Halloween (I know… Pretty long description).  I went as the lovely Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman – Best Actress – Black Swan) and Bret went as Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem – Best Supporting Actor – No Country for Old Men).


The costumes came together pretty well… and we had a lot of fun.

I’m tired……. Here’s the playlist 🙂

Time to Unwind 10.25.11


It is SO pretty outside today!

Is everyone enjoying their Fall?  Bret and I just got 15 gallons of cider (yes, you read that correctly) from his parents this past week to put in the freezer and saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave over the next few months.  Nom nom nom.  It’s so yummy (and fresh-pressed and unpasteurized)!  We also stopped by the farmer’s market on Saturday to pick up some honey-crisp apples, and Bret wasn’t kidding — they are the BEST apples I’ve tasted so far this year!

I’ve been working on mine and Bret’s costumes this past week…. putting the final touches on mine and tying up the loose ends on his.  What are we going to be?  Hmmmmmmm……..


Hope everyone is having a great week!

Weekend Playlist 10.21.11


Yes!  You read that right!  The weekend playlist is here!

Since I’ve been MIA with the weekend playlist (and in the case that I go for another month without updating it again) I made this playlist nice and long.

I was so behind on all of my music — I feel all caught up now (pshhhh… there’s no way).  You’ll see a few repeat artists on the list simply because I just couldn’t choose ONE SONG to post in the playlist.

I’m almost done with my costume for Halloween… I can’t believe next week is the last week of October.  This month went by way too fast.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend 🙂

Time to Unwind 10.19.11


ZOMG!! F’REALZ!!!!????  A PLAYLIST???!!

Slowly, but surely, I’ll get back to posting on this like I should be.  Just hang tight for a little longer…

Relax with this fall playlist.  I needed to have new songs SO BAD — so one can assume that you all needed a new playlist as well.

Oh yea …. There will be a playlist on Friday.  C’YEA!!

Weekend Playlist 9.23.11


I know it’s not October yet, and I know it’s not Halloween yet — but I DON’T CARE!

This weekend is the weekend!

We are packing up all of our things and moving out of Pittsburgh.  We’ve been both dreading and looking forward to this moment for awhile.  We’re dreading it because — really — who enjoys moving?   It’s easily the most annoying thing to do when trying to look forward to going to a “new” place.  Somehow, Bret and I have really acquired quite a lot of things/items/shit since being together for 6 years… and that definitely doesn’t help our cause.

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh.  I’m going to complain about moving until it’s finally done.  Ok?  Ok.

One thing these past two days that has really brightened my spirits is coffee.  Obviously, I love coffee and drink it every single day, but it’s nice to drink it with the weather being crisp and muggy.  During the winter, I add cinnamon to the coffee filter with the coffee to give it a little spice.  Yesterday, I really wanted my coffee to taste like pumpkin spice, so I added cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg.  I don’t remember the quantities, but I went by smell — if it smelled like pumpkin, I was good to go.  It actually turned out really well!  Bret even liked it (which I didn’t think he would).  I did the same thing for this morning (adding a little extra ginger) and it tasted so yummy 🙂

Next Saturday is the start of my most favorite month of the year — OCTOBER!!!!!!

I am considering taking Bret to a haunted house tonight (despite the need to pack up our entire life) just because we need to get out of the place for a little bit… I doubt it will happen, and we’ll probably go next weekend, but I’m going to try.  Usually, during every weekend in October, we do something Fall or Halloween-related… whether it’s going to a corn maze, pumpkin patch, haunted house/trail, watching scary movies… etc.  I think that you can feel more like a kid during the Fall + Halloween than any other time of the year.  Bret and I still haven’t finalized what we’re going to dress up as, but I like the idea we have for right now.


Have a great weekend everyone… And wish Bret luck that I don’t bite his head off during the move.

Time to Unwind 9.20.11




I was so busy last week, that I decided not post the “Time to Unwind” playlist, but I also neglected to post the “Weekend Playlist” for the FIRST TIME in like…  8 months 😦

Never.  Again.

I felt so lost without my TTU playlist… It’s the playlist that gets me through the week — and it’s been gone!

Forgive me?

So life feels a little bit like a hurricane/tornado/tropical storm… whatever other natural disasters you can name… because so much is happening at one time.  I mean, I’m calling it a POSITIVE natural disaster.  I know that once everything settles down, all will be well.  Until then, though, I think Bret and I will be flying by the seat of our pants for the most part.

We’re making moves, and I’m so excited to get this next chapter of our lives started.

Weekend Playlist 9.9.11


I’m. So. Pooped.

I just got back from training in Baltimore for the week, and I must admit, my brain’s a little fried.  I really couldn’t fall asleep last night at all in addition to that, so I don’t really know how I’m operating right now.


Listening to the Weekend Playlist is waking me up a little bit — and getting me excited for the PSU vs ALABAMA game this weekend!! YEAAAA!

First game of the season.


I need to shower and pack, but I hope you all have a wonderful weekend 🙂