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>you better bundle up



… With all these covers!

*crickets chirp*

I thought it’d be a good day to post some of my favorite cover songs.  Normally, I really don’t like to listen to covers, but there are a few that put a smile on my face.  I’m even going to post the original songs, so consider this a double playlist!

“Addicted to Love” by Florence + the Machine (orig. Robert Palmer found here)
I love what Florence has done to this song.  It’s smooth and dreamy and brings a whole new light to this 80’s classic song.

“Your Song” by Ellie Goulding (orig. Elton John found here)
Ellie’s voice is so beautiful.  I love watching the music video for this because it’s so simple and pretty much like herself.  Being a Moulin Rouge fan, I could have put Ewan McGregor’s version on here, but I also have respect for my friends and opted out.  This version came out a few weeks ago, and I really can’t stop playing it.

“Exit Music (For a Film)” by Vampire Weekend (orig. Radiohead found here)

I’m not a huge Radiohead fan, and there are only a few songs that I’ll actually listen to (mainly the ones that Bret wants to listen to).  I know this cover doesn’t do the band “justice,” but I really enjoy listening to it!  This song is completely transformed from a slow, trippy song to one with some toe-tapping beats.

“Bad Romance” by Lissie (orig. Lady Gaga found here)
I’ve included this song because: 1).  It’s a Lady Gaga cover and 2.) It’s the song that brought Lissie to the blogosphere last year.  For some reason, people couldn’t stop talking about this cover for a few months.  While I really enjoy it, it’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever heard, but it’s fun.  I mainly like the parts where she sings that Rah-Rahs.

“You Really Got A Hold On Me” by She & Him (orig. Smokey Robinson found here)
I think Zooey Deschanel is great, and this cover makes me want to sway back and forth in Bret’s arms.  It’s so dreamy and romantic. 

“Time to Pretend” by Jonsi (orig. MGMT found here)
Somehow, two MGMT songs have made it to this playlist.  “Time to Pretend” is the first.  By not including those first notes of the original song, Jonsi has managed to make over this song into a floating and whimsical song.

“A-Punk” by Rockapella (orig. Vampire Weekend found here)
This song just cracks me up.  A few months ago, this song kept popping up everywhere.  I think with the hype of “Glee” going around, it seemed appropiate to also include this in the list.  Obviously, in my opinion, the original is better.

“Hey Ya” by Sarah Blasko (orig. Outkast found here)
Sometimes, “Hey Ya” pops up when I shuffle Bret’s iPod.  It is one of those songs that when it comes on, you can’t help but listen to it.  With this cover, I can listen to the original song without feeling like a need to pick up a picture or SOMETHING and shake it.

“Girls Just want to Have Fun” by Greg Laswell (orig. Cyndi Lauper found here)
The song that started it all — Greg’s rise to fame… My obsession with Greg… My obsession leading to us actually meeting Greg… Leading to the best.  night.  of.  my.  life.   It also brings me back to Freshman year and driving home from college with Bret.  Greg’s version is the complete opposite of Cyndi’s original version.  In fact, his version of “… Have Fun” doesn’t sound fun at all.  You can take your pick.

“Pursuit of Happiness” by Barbara (orig. Kid Cudi found here)
I love both these version.  Kid Cudi’s original version will always be my favorite (I mean, c’mon… KC + Ratatat?? = ), but I love how these Barbara guys decided one night while hanging out to create this song “as a joke.”  Now, people know their name. 

“Kids” by Dr. Fox’s Old Timey String Band (orig. MGMT found here)
I included this one because I love singing along to it.  The original song got really old for me… Really fast.  Plus, the music video for this is scary 😦   The folky spin on it makes the song happier!


>kanye west, bon iver, and peter gabriel



In an effort to put his name back in the spotlight but to also shed some light on some artists that might not be familiar to many, Kanye West has been releasing collaborations every Friday until Christmas.    I actually think that this is a pretty great idea.  I’m not a huge Kanye fan, but I’ll admit — I’ve been looking for his new tracks every Friday.  I haven’t been too crazy about the songs released thus far (even the one that has Kid Cudi included on the track).  I feel like the songs are doing too much and take away from the potential that they could have had.  However, the track releasted this Friday gives me some hope.

Kanye released “Lost in the World” this past Friday which features Bon Iver’s “Woods.”  I had this song two years ago and didn’t really know what to think of it.  Bon Iver has such a unique voice and doesn’t need to use auto-tune for his voice at all.  “Woods” has this creepy feeling to it which I liked when I initially heard it.  I haven’t heard it for awhile until I listened to Kanye’s newly leaked song “Lost in the World” yesterday. Honestly, I’m ecstatic that Kanye was able to take this song and completely transform it to a danceable hip hop song.  “Woods” came out around the same time Kanye released “Heartless” two years ago, and I remember thinking: “Kanye would have loved to have this song.”

Well.  Looks like I was right.

I’ve put Bon Iver’s original “Woods” along with Kanye’s new track that features the song so you can take a peek at both and decide which one you like more.  For additional measure, I also put an additional Bon Iver song (“Flume”) which I particular love.  Peter Gabriel did a cover of the song earlier this year which made me fall in love with the song once again:

Bon Iver – Woods by greentea

Kanye West – Lost In The World feat Bon Iver by JayAura

Bon Iver – Flume by firarland

Peter Gabriel — Flume by henriquemillan

>every single one’s got a story to tell



This cover of “Seven Nation Army” is a nice song to listen to as summer is slowly fading away.  As I listen to it, I imagine sitting inside a jazz club (candles on every table of course) and the band begins playing this song.  Clapping shortly follows, and  everyone has a smile on their face — because who doesn’t love “Seven Nation Army?”  With a trumpet and piano?  Yes, please.

When I initially listened to it, I felt like I was listening to Cake, Maroon 5 (“Songs About Jane” era) and Amos Lee.  Ben L’Oncle is from France and his cover might not appeal to everyone.  However, one has to appreciate his attempt of turning a White Stripes song into something completely different from what it originally was intended to be.

So Kudos to your originality, Ben!  I will be playing this on repeat today.

Ben l’Oncle Soul – Seven Nation Army by TSB

For those who can’t even fathom the idea of “Seven Nation Army” being covered, here is the original video and song in all its glory: