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The Civil Wars – I’ve Got This Friend


This song is cute and makes me all happy inside.  The lyrics definitely help, but I think a huge reason as to why I also like the song is due to the fact that when I see the word “friend” in a song, I immediately think of “Best of Friends” from the movie Fox and the Hound.  My sister and I used to own the Disney Sing-a-long tapes and would sing this song quite often:

The Civil Wars is made up of singers Joy Williams and John Paul White.  I have been watching their album creep up the charts on iTunes (under the “Singer/Songwriter” genre, of course) for the past few weeks.  For some reason, I wasn’t too crazy about their stuff initially, but the more I listen to them, the more I enjoy what I am listening to.  During some parts of the Joy’s singing, she sounds like Celine Dion (which I think initially bothered me).  Other times, she sounds like Marketa Irglova.

Regardless, I’m such a sucker for romantic folk ballads.  I have also tried playing matchmaker in my days, and this song kind of sounds like a conversation I would have with Bret when trying to find “the perfect match” for our friends…

The Civil Wars – I’ve Got This Friend


Mumford & Sons – More Songs!


I cannot get over my obsession with Mumford & Sons still.  I also realized that I had a few songs that weren’t on their Sigh No More album that I felt important to share with everyone in case you are also going through a M&S withdrawal.

None of these are “new” per say, but they might be new to you since you can’t buy any of the older albums on iTunes.

Mumford & Sons – Feel the Tide

Mumford & Sons – Sister

Mumford & Sons – Hold On To What You Believe

Mumford & Sons – The Banjolin Song

The Cave Singers – Gifts and the Raft


So last spring/summer, I played the CRAP out of the entire Mumford and Sons album.  It seems like this summer, I will be playing The Cave Singers.

The Cave Singers released their third album No Witch at the end of February, and I can’t stop listening to some of the songs on it.  The album has that perfect mix of folk + rock that I love… and it is upbeat enough that almost every song will result in your either tapping your feet or nodding your head.  My favorite song on the alum is hands down: “Gifts and the Raft”

I love the intro, the harmonies, and that violin (I’m such a sucker for violins…)   I sing along to this song every time it comes on.  I started like The Cave Singers when I heard “Summer Light” and “Swim Club.”

Take a listen to these three tracks below, and let me know what you think.  If you like Horse Feathers, you will like The Cave Singers:

The Cave Singers – Gifts and the Raft

The Cave Singers – Summer Light

The Cave Singers – Swim Club

King Charles – O’ England


This song is beautiful.

I discovered King Charles when I found that they went on tour with Mumford and Sons this past year.  Their song “Love Lust” is so quirky and catchy.  His songs combine a mixture of folk with pop and rock.  I know these songs aren’t necessarily “new,” but King Charles hasn’t made his big footprint in the US quite yet.

In an effort to learn more about King Charles, I ran across this video that The Wild Honey Pie posted back in November.  Between the crazy hair, live performance, sherpa-lined coat, carriage ride through New York City… I became obsessed.  Plus, the video gives the horse, named Patrick, credit at the end.

Check out “O’ England” and “Love Lust” below.

King Charles – O’ England

Love Lust

Drew Smith – Ted Songs EP


Drew Smith is a singer-songwriter from Austin.  I can’t figure out who he sounds like or what kind of music he actually produces.

What I do know is – I like it.  At some points, I hear Chris Martin’s voice.  Other times, I hear the finger plucking of Iron and Wine’s Samuel Beam.  There is a mixture of styles going on in each song which – as a result – puts together a wonderful EP.

He has a new album out called Ted Songs which features himself members of his Lonely Choir and the South Austin Jug Band.

I’m really enjoying “Squeezing The Elephants” just because I’ve been in so many situations where that stupid elephant is just chilling in the room but no one does anything about it.  Go away elephants!

You can purchase the CD through their Bandcamp website here.

Drew Smith – Elephants in the Room

Drew Smith – If Ever I Woke

Drew Smith – Bending Like a River Flowing