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>girl talk – all day


>So Pittsburgh’s own Girl Talk (Gregg Gillis) has released a new album out of left field this week.

It is up to download for free.  You can find the download link here.

Hurry now before you can no longer download it!


>scarehouse, silky’s and girl talk



Last week was another busy week.  However, sitting down, watching the Steelers game, and reflecting the past two days, I must say that I had a pretty successful and fun weekend.  Friday marked the first day of October (EEK!)  We ended up going to The Scarehouse in Etna since they were offering a Groupon for it a few weeks ago.  I scream so much during any haunted house because what’s the fun in it if you can’t get a little scared?  I still think that Hundred Acre Manor is scarier since it’s both inside and outside.  The maze at the end always freaks me out, too.

After The Scarehouse, we ended up going out with a few friends to Silky’s.  I’ve never been there because there are so many negative reviews about it online, but I must admit, we had a bunch of fun there.  The highlight of the night happened to occur right as we were leaving.  A random dude came over and sat at our table and — with the most honest and sincere look — asked our friend’s friend if he was Girl Talk.

For those who don’t know who Girl Talk is, he is a DJ from Pittsburgh who does awesome mash-ups and mixes.  I really want to go to the next concert that he has in Pittsburgh. Last year, when me, Bret, and Jay drove across PA to go to Brian’s grad party, we kept his album “Feed the Animals” on the entire time.  I actually have a few videos of Jay and Bret dancing in the front seat of the car during this trip that are pretty ridiculous…  I think this album is a good default album to play if you have nothing else to put on during a party.

So yes, to understand the hilariousness of this moment “you had to have been there” because this guy SWORE that our friend was Girl Talk and was shocked (and bummed out) when he in fact wasn’t.  As a result, the conversation about Girl Talk encouraged me to post a Girl Talk playlist for your enjoyment.  This site allows you to listen to the songs individually and see what songs are featured in each track at certain points throughout the song at http://feedtheanimalssamples.com/.  You also listen/watch videos to the songs below which is fun to see also these music videos brought together for one party playlist!