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>matt costa – lullaby



It’s 2:00 am in the morning. “The Hangover” is on and me, Bret, and Nutmeg are all bundled up on the couch. At first, we were watching it, but that lasted about an entire minute. Bret and Nutmeg are completely asleep. Once I’m done making this post, I will close my computer and take Poor Sleepy Bret and Nutmeg to bed.

I muted the movie, and our place was silent for a good bit. Then I thought: “I wish I could play some music to put some happy dreams in both Bret and Nutmeg’s heads.”

I didn’t play any music since I was afraid I’d wake them up. However, if I could play any song, I would play this old Jack Johnson + Matt Costa song called “Lullaby.” I used to send this song to Bret whenever we were apart from each other for weeks during college breaks…



>are they laughing at or with me


>So I haven’t updated this baby for a few days — my bad. I went home this weekend since my parents got a new WEIMARANER puppy. He was the cutest little thing. I love everything about puppies — their breath, their fur, their yaps… Everything!

Well, I’m going to be posting a few more new stuff and try to make sure I’m updating this everyday. Last week, Jack Johnson released his video for “At or With Me.” I’m a big JJ fan, but I’m not too crazy for this song. However, this video shows (once again) why Jack is such a cool guy.

Remember not too long ago when Dave Matthews was a guest on SNL? Andy Samberg did a skit where he portrayed Jack Johnson in a skit called “The Mellow Show” where he makes fun of Jack. You can rewatch the skit here:


Jack Johnsons’s new video features him and Andy Samberg beating the crap out of each other.  Obviously it’s not real, but still, the idea of Jack Johnson beating Andy Samberg up is pretty funny.  It reminds me of the whole Marky Mark and Andy Samberg fiasco. Plus, it’s a funny video to watch on a Monday morning:

>for you i’d wait



Today marks the big 5 year mark for Bret and I. Since meeting one another freshman year, we have grown older, wiser, and stronger with our relationship with each other. We also have acquired a dog (coolest. dog. ever) and an apartment.  Now, we stand side by side trying to deal with this complicated thing called “life” — but we’re doing it together.

Bret, this is my ode to you.  Songs have been a part of our relationship from the very start.  Several of our friends have many memories with us that directly relate to music whether it’s Dispatch’s “The General” or Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction.” 

Today’s playlist has songs that have memories between you and I.  These songs include most of our personal favorites during freshman year while sharing headphones and studying, napping with a song on repeat, or the playlist we listened to while going to one another’s homes for the very first time to meet the parents (ahhh!).  🙂

I love you.  And this is for you.