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Lady Gaga – Born This Way Album


Born This Way

Lady Gaga’s new album is out TODAY.

Now, for those who know me, I am a pretty big Lady Gaga fan.  However, over the past year, I started dwindling off the fan-wagon a little bit…  I played The Fame non-stop when it came out.  In fact, I’ve been wanting some new Gaga music so bad that I started to relisten to The Fame this past month.  

The Fame Monster was also a great album.  However, I didn’t grow attached to it like I did with The Fame.  

I’ve been listening to Born This Way all morning, and I think Bret and my sister are starting to get annoyed by how much I keep talking about it.  I LOVE THIS ALBUM! 

I know people are going to be split on whether or not they like the album because 1.) her music isn’t for everyone and 2.) it’s Lady Gaga.  Many songs have a Daft Punk/Tiesto/Diplo/Benassi feel which I am ecstatic about.  It also reminds me of listening to some of my favorite 90s dance groups:  Deee Lite, La Bouche, Crystal Waters, Enigma, The Vengaboys…  Pretty much anything from all of the Jock Jams albums.  It’s an entertaining album that keeps my foot tapping and head rocking back and forth.

You can buy the album for $.99 on Amazon by clicking here.

Take a listen at the album below:


lady gaga – born this way


Lady Gaga - Born This Way

It’s here.  Lady Gaga’s new song, “Born This Way,” has finally arrived.

Parts of it remind me of Robyn while other parts of it remind me of Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”

I thought I would like the song a lot more than I do, but I’ll still listen to it.  It makes me super excited for the new album to come out.  I’ve been missing me some pop confection.

Lady Gaga – Born This Way