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>macklemore and lewis – irish celebration


>Love them and love this song.  Make sure you have this memorized before March 17th.


>sesame street – monster (kanye west video)



This video is ridiculous.  Everyone has been going crazy over Kanye’s new video for “Monster,” but in my opinion, I feel like he’s trying to be like Lady Gaga with the new video (featuring dead women and sorts).  It’s too weird.  Lady Gaga was able to pull it off in the “Paparazzi” video because she’s already weird.  You can’t “pretend” to be weird.  At least the video has Jay-Z looking classy as usual and Nicki Minaj being her typical crazy self.

Sorry Kanye.  Points go to the Sesame Street crew for getting it together better than you.  Two thumbs up to The Galaxy World Video team for creating this wonderfulness.

Click the video below — you don’t want to miss Miss Piggy portraying Nicki Minaj.

>kellee maize – something sacred



If you share Kellee Maize’s new music video on your Facebook wall, she will send you a free CD.  How fun/cool is that?

When I first heard about Kellee, I didn’t know what to think about her. However, the more I listen to her, the more I like her.  I enjoy this song.  I also love that it features Pittsburgh in the video (obviously, since Kellee is a Pittsburgh-native), and the Pausch Bridge (the rainbow-colored Penguin Bridge) at Carnegie Mellon University.  She’s also accomplishing great things here in the ‘Burgh

Check her out, and support Pittsburgh’s musicians!

>ok go – last leaf



Now, I can officially say that I’m obsessed with Ok Go.  The moment they stop producing great music videos, I will stop Googling them to find out which great new video they are going to create.  I don’t agree with the amount of toast that they used for this video… I mean, they could have made about 1,225 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with all that bread!  

Har har har.

I am not the best at making toast.  I can bake some wonderful things and dish out awesome meals for dinner.  For some reason, though, when it comes to making toast and popping popcorn, I will always ALWAYS burn them.  Bret reminded me how much this occurs two nights ago when I burned the toast for our egg sandwiches…

So, here’s to you, Ok Go — for giving me the hope that slightly burnt toast can be put to better use.  Who would have thought that such a pretty song could be illustrated through doodles and carbs?

>jookabox – you cried me



Halloween is coming soon, and Bret and I still haven’t decided what we want to be yet. I’m sure we’ll figure it out soon enough. Until then, I’m going to let you enjoy our FAVORITE “Halloween” song. Bret loves this video, and admittedly, I think it’s pretty funny/creative/silly for Halloween. I just watched it before embedding it into this post, and I think I’m going to watch it again. And again. And again. It’s too catchy! Enjoy.

>are they laughing at or with me


>So I haven’t updated this baby for a few days — my bad. I went home this weekend since my parents got a new WEIMARANER puppy. He was the cutest little thing. I love everything about puppies — their breath, their fur, their yaps… Everything!

Well, I’m going to be posting a few more new stuff and try to make sure I’m updating this everyday. Last week, Jack Johnson released his video for “At or With Me.” I’m a big JJ fan, but I’m not too crazy for this song. However, this video shows (once again) why Jack is such a cool guy.

Remember not too long ago when Dave Matthews was a guest on SNL? Andy Samberg did a skit where he portrayed Jack Johnson in a skit called “The Mellow Show” where he makes fun of Jack. You can rewatch the skit here:


Jack Johnsons’s new video features him and Andy Samberg beating the crap out of each other.  Obviously it’s not real, but still, the idea of Jack Johnson beating Andy Samberg up is pretty funny.  It reminds me of the whole Marky Mark and Andy Samberg fiasco. Plus, it’s a funny video to watch on a Monday morning:

>this is not about love



I just found out that Fiona Apple will be releasing a new album this spring.  I never was a big Fiona Apple fan until I met Bret.  Bret wasn’t a Fiona Apple fan either.  However, during our first year together back in 2005, Bret and I ran across the music video for Fiona Apple’s “Not About Love.”  I can’t even begin to tell you how many times Bret and I watched that video/listened to that song.  For those who haven’t seen the video, Zach Galifianakis is in it (!!!).  Looking back, I should have appreciated Fiona’s attention to greatness.  Fast forward five years later and good ol’ Zach is the man.  I’m pretty excited to see his new movie with Robertey Jr. 

In celebration of Fiona’s upcoming album, I will leave you with “Not About Love” along with a video our buddy Jay found during our Zach-obsessed days (also a true classic — actually laughing from the video as I type). So much randomness… So perfect.