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Rusted Root – Send Me On My Way


As we were driving back from Bret’s parents’ house last night, listening to my wonderful iPod on shuffle, Rusted Root’s “Send Me On My Way” came on.  Immediately, we were brought back to our freshmen year of college.

Our orientation week theme was “Send Me On My Way.”  This song was played over and over and over every where we went on campus.

I’m sitting here listening to music on Pandora, and the second song that popped up on my station was Rusted Root’s “Send Me On My Way (Live).”

I don’t care how many times I hear this song, I will never get sick of it.  Since RR is from Pittsburgh, they still play music all the time here.  I’m actually surprised Bret and I have never gone to see them (just for the sake of going).  They are the Pittsburgh band.

It’s Monday… This video will put a smile on your face.


Wiz Khalifa – No Sleep


I’m really feeling this song right now.  I can’t wait to drive around Pittsburgh with the windows rolled down, sun shining, and this song turned up.

I also much prefer this “weekend” song over Rebecca Black’s “Friday.”

HAH.  Hasn’t gotten old yet…

Wiz’s new mixtape “Rolling Papers” comes out March 29 and is anticipated to have a more mellow vibe than his previous mixtape.  During a Ustream, Wiz said that the title of the album wasn’t inspired just because he loves smoking weed, but that “it’s deeper than that too… it’s not just about the weed thing. It’s bigger than that,” he said. “My career really took off when I started smoking papers.”


I’m looking forward to having a mellow album to play this summer, and I’m hoping “Rolling Papers” will be just the thing I need.

Wiz Khalifa – No Sleep

The Head and the Heart Live @ Mr. Smalls


Bret and I are off to see The Head and the Heart with Dr. Dog tonight at Mr. Smalls Theatre (which is now sold out!)  As soon as I found out that THATH were coming to Pittsburgh, I bought tickets (back in November).  I am pretty amped to watch them play live.  I’ve been viewing the live sessions they did for KEXP radio for some time now, and if they perform half as well as they did there — I’ll be happy:

You can get a free download of their song “No One To Let You Down” by signing up for their newsletter here.  If you want to see them on the big stage, they will be performing at Bonnaroo.  Big year for THATH?  I hope.

The Head and the Heart – Down in the Valley

The Head and the Heart – Sounds Like Hallelujah

The Head and the Heart – Ghosts

>Yeah. Uh huh You Know What It Is



***** WARNING *****

The national weather service has issued a falling bird warning for Pittsburgh next Saturday starting at 4:30 and continuing until the end of the fourth quarter.

Falling birds could be heavy at times especially around the Heinz Field area.

Heavy accumulation is likely.


>kellee maize – something sacred



If you share Kellee Maize’s new music video on your Facebook wall, she will send you a free CD.  How fun/cool is that?

When I first heard about Kellee, I didn’t know what to think about her. However, the more I listen to her, the more I like her.  I enjoy this song.  I also love that it features Pittsburgh in the video (obviously, since Kellee is a Pittsburgh-native), and the Pausch Bridge (the rainbow-colored Penguin Bridge) at Carnegie Mellon University.  She’s also accomplishing great things here in the ‘Burgh

Check her out, and support Pittsburgh’s musicians!

>here we go, steelers, here we go



Nutmeg thought: “Rain rain, go away.  Come again another day…”

Today is the perfect lazy Sunday… Overcast skies, rainy, slightly chilly…  

Wait.  I just described the typical day in Pittsburgh.  *buh dum cha!*

In all seriousness though, it’s the perfect day to clear my head and gather my thoughts.  Nutmeg isn’t too crazy about the rain since she wants to go out and play.  Bret just left to play some football in the rain. We have two Turkey Bowls coming up in the next few weekends that he wants to “get ready for.”  

I think he just wants to play some football.  

Speaking of football… Who’s ready to see the Steelers stomp on some Patriots?  With the Patriots losing to the Browns last week (REALLY?!), I think that they are ready to lose to the Steelers, too.  Tom Brady needs to realize that he can’t win games if continues to look like Justin Bieber with that ridiculous hair.

What a little girl.  

I’m going to go do some shopping before the game is on.

I ran across this gem of a musician yesterday.  His name is Brett Domino, and he is a 27 year old musician from England.  He is best known for his crazy cool YouTube videos, in which he plays mostly covers and medleys of popular songs on the Stylophone and keytar.  I really enjoyed the Nelly Furtado medley (which I will post below).  The Justin Timberlake medley is pretty great, too.  Really, just take the time to check out all his videos here.  They are wonderful and genius and will put a smile on your face.

Happy Sunday!