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>like a pretzel playlist



Bret and I have decided that we’re disappointed with the “snowstorm” that hit Pittsburgh.  Are we spoiled because we got all that snow last year?  Maybe.  Are we jealous because people sitting up in Connecticut (ahem!  my sister) and New England didn’t have to go to work because of a “state of emergency?”  DEFINITELY.

I’ve been putting together my “Like a Pretzel” playlist (at bottom of post) for a day just like today.  These days are meant for curling up on the couch with a cup of cocoa.  When Bret wants to curl up on the couch, he must always include the phrase: “Like a pretzel!”  Our curling up on the couch now includes Nutmeg sitting between us (and our couch isn’t that big), so we most certainly get to the point of pretzel material.

My mantra for today is:  “Never sacrifice your happiness for anything, and always work to get whatever makes you happy.”

A few of my faves from the playlist include:

Bon Iver – “Skinny Love”
I know this is old — I don’t care.  I feel bad that frontman (Justin Vernon) is in Kanye’s new “Monster” song.  I think he regretted it too since he chose not to be featured in the music video.

Blitzen Trapper – “Furr”
Wolves are my favorite animals, and I’m pretty sure this song is about a shapeshifter.  Regardless, it’s a pretty song.  When I read books, I usually rotate between non-fiction, murder/thriller, chick-lit, and a book about dogs.  Or (like what I’m doing right now), I’m reading a chick-lit and a book about dogs at the same time.  I love dogs.  I’m going to go hug Nutmeg.  And if you haven’t read “The Art of Racing in the Rain” and are a dog lover — go buy the book now!

White Stripes – “White Moon”
The White Stripes documentary “Under the Great White Northern Lights” from their 2007 tour was featured over the holidays.  Bret and I happened to catch the last scene of the documentary which featured Jack and Meg sitting at the piano with Jack singing this song.  It really was beautiful and made me want to watch the entire documentary (which we haven’t done yet). Watch the clip here — trust me… It’s great.

Two Door Cinema – “Something Good Can Work”
These lyrics remind me of what Bret tells me every day.  He is so good at keeping a positive head on my shoulders.

“Let’s make this happen, girl.
You gonna show the world that something good can work, and it can work for you.
And you know that it will.
Let’s get this started girl, we’re moving up we’re moving up.

It’s been a lot to change but you will always get what you want.”

Priscilla Ahn – “Find My Way Back Home”
We saw Priscilla a few years ago on the Hotel Cafe tour.  Her voice is so clear, and her songs are always airy and happy.