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>adele vs b.o.b. + wiz



Brittany:  What should be my anthem be tonight?  I need a celebration song.
Bret:  This one!  This one! 

. . .

I have decided what my “anthem of choice” would be for tonight.  Bret HOWEVER thinks that my anthem should be something different.  Being the nice girlfriend that I am, I’ve opted to include both. 

I — feeling great and happy — really am feeling Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”  Bret, on the other hand, believes that my anthem tonight should be B.o.B (featuing Wiz Khalifa — YES!)  “Fuck the Money.”

Both are appropriate for today’s celebration for two entirely different reasons.

Please use either as your anthem for this evening.

Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Keljet Remix) by keljet
B.O.B – Fuck the Money (feat Wiz Khalifa) by Dynam’Hit


>500 days of … what?


>i think by now, many of you have seen or heard about the movie ‘500 days of summer.’  in the music blog world, the movie gained a lot of attention for its solid soundtrack which included artists like regina spektor, temper trap, feist, and of course — she & him (appropriately so since zooey is in the movie…)

apparently they forgot to put lil’ wayne on the soundtrack. 

just kidding.

or am i?

http://twitter.com/mysickuncle decided to take the entire ‘500 days of summer’ soundtrack and mash it with lil’ wayne songs.  for some reason, i’m such a sucker for lil’ wayne.  it’s pretty crazy how a lot of his raps and beats can be mashed with so many songs.  i don’t necessarily enjoy each and every one of the songs, but the effort was totally worth it:

check out more of the mash-ups at http://www.500daysofweezy.com/